Integrated International Supply Chain, Inc. (IISC) is the world’s leading independent rating company focused on evaluating the manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities of suppliers in virtually every industry located around the world.  IISC's mission and reputation is built around delivering unbiased and standardized third party ratings on these ever rising contract suppliers.

IISC certified ratings are based on our proprietary audits which are designed to provide the insight our clients need to make the right short term and long-term supply and delivery decisions. These certified ratings are based on the internationally recognized “IISC Systematic Audit Standard.”  Our rating reports summarize the capability of any contract manufacturer/supplier to execute on a purchase order, allowing our clients to confidently determine the ability of any contract manufacturer/supplier to fulfill a product life cycle – from concept all the way to design, manufacturing, delivery and warranty service.

In the world of low margin, high volume contract manufacturing, our certified ratings provide significant value added to the supplier relationship since an audit and certified rating by IISC allows the contract manufacturer/supplier to focus on fulfillment and delivery, rather than completing 100 audits for 100 different clients.  As a result, our certified ratings and audits become a sales tool providing globally based contract manufacturers with an ability to prove to worldwide buyers/customers that their company can deliver on a fulfillment contract.  

Based on our proprietary technical and operations audits, IISC certified ratings  provides summarized expert opinions on the ability of any contract manufacturer/supplier to fulfill on orders.  As a result, IISC provides the upfront analysis far more cost effectively, and on a timely basis, than any single organization that maintains a large procurement department itself.  IISC is headquartered in Austin TX, USA and has numerous associate offices located throughout mainland China, which contains a very large concentration of supplier contractors.


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